Rate The Value of Your Classic Cars

I will try to rate Classic Cars scale from one to six, with one being the best possible condition and six being the worst possible condition. In this rating process, the Car's interior, exterior and mechanical parts are considered. The value placed on a Classic Cars is most often a combination of the rating system and personal interest in the cars.

An excellent rating is given to a perfectly restored Classic Cars that appears to be brand-new. These cars are not driven at all. Most cars rated at a one are kept in a museum for show and are considered by their owners as pieces of art. If the car is taken to a show it is transported in an enclosed container and kept in climate-controlled storage.

Exellent restored Classic Cars

A two rating is given to an Classic Cars that has been restored completely. This means the vehicle runs extremely well and has a perfect exterior and interior. The original parts have been maintained well and are in working condition. Because of its close-to-perfect restoration, the vehicle is typically only driven about 800 to 1,000 miles per year.

A Classic Cars rated at a three is functional and needs very little work. This can be a vehicle that has been partially restored but is completely operable. Most three-rating cars look perfect from a distance; it takes a closer look to reveal wear on the exterior and interior.

To receive a four rating, a Classic Cars needs only a little work. This is true for the interior, the exterior and the mechanics. The vehicle is most often drivable, although some components may need tweaking. Most four-rating cars were previously restored poorly or it has been some time since they were restored.

A five rating means a Classic Cars has potential for restoration but it will require a large amount of work. Most five-rating cars need complete restoration of the exterior, interior and most likely all mechanical aspects. Although the Classic Cars may have rust, it is minimal and can be cleaned.

Potential Classic Cars for Restoration

Cars that fall in the six rating category are often considered for-parts cars. The Classic Cars is either wrecked or greatly deteriorated and is most likely not in working condition, but it can provide original parts for restoration projects.
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