Old Morris Minor for £4,500

John Nagle spent £4,500 on the 74 years old Morris Minor. A Classisc Car he originally bought back in 1958 for £30. The 67-year-old couldn't believe his luck when he tracked down his old vehicle as only 'a few dozen' remain in existence.

Original 1934 Morris Minor
Original 1934 Morris Minor

Mr Nagle is now setting about restoring the green 1934 Morris Minor two-seater so that he can get it back on the road. The vehicle, which he has named Emmeline, still had its old log book - which bore his handwriting of 50 years ago.

1934 Morris Minor after Restored
After Restore

He bought the vehicle in May 1958 when he was a 17-year-old learner driver after seeing it advertised in his local newspaper but sold it five years later. Mr Nagle, a retired shopkeeper, said he was delighted to get his old car 1934 Morris Minor back.
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